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A Reckoning

Most people when they hear a reference to the Old Testament think about the Hebrews under the Pharaoh or Abraham preparing to slaughter his son Isaac. There is also the story of Adam and Eve getting banished from the Garden, Cain slewing Abel, and many other tragedies, wars, and things like the brutal justice of cutting off the hands of a thief which ...

The failures of old are new again

At America’s southern border there are thousands of refugees from societies that have collapsed into utter chaos. In America, we can see the same collapse occurring. Acts of violence, anger, lies, misrepresentation and plotting and plodding conspiracy are everywhere and in every form by every group. The lust for money, power, superiority, selfishness, ...

Old choices in Modern Times

You may be wondering, “what could George Washington and the Taliban have in common?” They existed centuries apart. Well, I will add one more, that of ancient Rome and General Fabius. What is common among them is that all three were tasked with defending their nation against a foreign invader. 

There are two keys of understanding the Fabian ...

Timeless Morality and the Moment

Socrates, you will recall, was sentenced to death for “corrupting the young.” He did this by pointing out the hypocrisy and flawed ideas of those around him. Worse, he did it in such a way as to be immune from the pressures of society. He shared his knowledge and wisdom for free, whereas the Sophists insisted upon payment for their educational ...

The Denial Pandemic

In 1759, Voltaire published the novel Candide, which featured a character Professor Pangloss. Though a great many calamities follow Candide and the Professor in their travels, Professor Pangloss never alters his philosophy of life. Nor does he ever lend a helping hand, neither first nor in return, even to those who saved his life. His beliefs ...

An alternative approach

Many years ago I was on a listserv and one of the other members, a priest, suggested that elections should be abolished in favor of drawing straws. At the time, I disagreed vehemently and thought it was the dumbest thing I had ever heard. Since that time I have run for office, (losing consistently), attended political conventions (democratic and ...